Friday, August 28, 2009


Me, Hannah, and EMJMe at the Worlds Largest Thermometer

Swimming..with a slurpee. Can't get much better!

Me and Hannah at the beach

Us at the beach again

Don't we look SO happy.

Me and Hannah at Cheesecake Factory

Our cameras in a bag of rice-a-roni.haha. It was suppsosed to dry them out or something.
Sorry not a lot of camera got runied on the first night! LAME

This past weekend me and my friend Hannah decided to get out of town and hit the beach. Best idea ever. My friend Emily lives in California so HUGE thanks to her for the place to stay.We hit the road on Friday morning, and of course we had to act like total tourists. We came up on the biggest thermometer in the world and decided to stop. We're cool I know. But guess doesn't even tell you the temperature..whats the point? Anyway we finally made it to Emily's house..which was in Laguna Niguel. And guess what the first thing we did was...went to Costco, got pizza and sat there and people watched. haha. California has some good people to watch! haha. Then me and Hannah decide to go to the beach. We were SOOOOO excited. We got there and took off our shoes and set our cameras and phones down and ran for the water. WORST IDEA EVER! There were just little waves then all the sudden a freaking tsunami waves comes up and we turn around and our stuff got washed away. My phone survived it but Hannah's phone and our cameras suffered major water damage. Later that night we went to dinner with Emily and her room mate to Cheesecake Factory then went in the hot tub..til we got kicked out. Lame. Saturday all we wanted to do was be at the beach. So we did. It was so fun! Until too many little kids came and we had to dodge the boogey boards in the ocean. Not cool. So we left and hung out at the pool at Emily's. Sunday we got up and went to the beach again. (We couldn't get enough of it) Then we had to hit the road back to Vegas. It was such a fun trip! At least I got to go somewhere this summer!