Sunday, October 26, 2008

Alien House

Ok so there is this house in Vegas that has more junk than anything I have ever seen..We call it the alien house, there's a story that goes with it but I don't feel like typing it and it's probably made up anyway. So yesterday we decided to take a drive by it cause we haven't seen it in a while. I actually think the guy got rid of some the giant hot dog and the boat..but he added much more! It is ridiculous how much crap he has. You seriously have to sit there for 10 min. to take it all in. Here are some pics..but they don't even do justice of what it really looks like.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Home for the Week

My mom thought it would be funny to jump on me.

Me, Chauntelle, and Ashley with our Slurpees!!

This past week I have been home, in Vegas, doing what I do best...being a bum! Well this past weekend was one of my very good friends Chauntelle birthday so I decided to come down and surprise her and then I ended up staying a while. It's been fun. Of course I have been to 7-11 at least once a day while I have been here. Other then that I haven't really been doing much, Sunday was Lindsey's birthday so we had probably the best home cooked meal EVER! Fillet Mignon, twice baked potatoes, corn, bread, and homemade ice cream...really I don't think it can get much better then that. Me and my mom have done a lot of shopping, which I never complain about..oh and of course me and my dad have caught up on picking on each other and rastling...I'm pretty sure that is my mom's favorite part about me being home. ha.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Ok, I'm new at this thing so cut me some slack. I graduated from Evans a little over a month ago and just a couple weeks ago we had a cereomny I guess you could call it. It was held at the Crystal Inn, dinner was served then there was a slideshow of embarassing pictures, then Derk gave his sphiel. It was a good time. It's so weird to think that I was in school for a whole year, it went by so dang fast! Now I feel like I have to grow up, and who wants to do that!

Me and the Parentals

Emily, Courtney, and Me