Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Only In Cedar City

Sometimes I wonder what kind of town I am living in...this night especially. Me, Megan, and Rob were driving around the other night..and we ended up at Maverik. When we pulled in the parking lot I almost peed my pants. There was a pig tied to the bed of a truck..yes a PIG, TIED in the back of a truck. What the? Who does that? And not just a little piglet thing..a full size pig! I had to have a picture with it so I walked over there and asked the guy if I could take a picture with his pig..he looked at me like I was crazy but said yes. haha. It was the funniest thing ever. AND they had a horse trailer with cows in it! Oh boy..the days in the life of someone who lives in Cedar. Ya never know what to expect.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

R.I.P. Old Yeller

For those of you that don't know I got in a car accident and totaled my car. That's right Old Yeller is dead. :( I wanted to write an obituary for it but I don't really know how to go about that or if people would frown upon it. haha. Anyway, I got that car for my 16th birthday so I had it for about 4 years. It was a beast and I loved it! Everyone said that I needed to get a yellow car but Old Yeller is irreplaceable. Now I have a silver car, and just blend in. haha.

Before....This is the day I got it.

And after. hey at least I'm still alive

Friday, August 28, 2009


Me, Hannah, and EMJMe at the Worlds Largest Thermometer

Swimming..with a slurpee. Can't get much better!

Me and Hannah at the beach

Us at the beach again

Don't we look SO happy.

Me and Hannah at Cheesecake Factory

Our cameras in a bag of rice-a-roni.haha. It was suppsosed to dry them out or something.
Sorry not a lot of pics..my camera got runied on the first night! LAME

This past weekend me and my friend Hannah decided to get out of town and hit the beach. Best idea ever. My friend Emily lives in California so HUGE thanks to her for the place to stay.We hit the road on Friday morning, and of course we had to act like total tourists. We came up on the biggest thermometer in the world and decided to stop. We're cool I know. But guess what..it doesn't even tell you the temperature..whats the point? Anyway we finally made it to Emily's house..which was in Laguna Niguel. And guess what the first thing we did was...went to Costco, got pizza and sat there and people watched. haha. California has some good people to watch! haha. Then me and Hannah decide to go to the beach. We were SOOOOO excited. We got there and took off our shoes and set our cameras and phones down and ran for the water. WORST IDEA EVER! There were just little waves then all the sudden a freaking tsunami waves comes up and we turn around and our stuff got washed away. My phone survived it but Hannah's phone and our cameras suffered major water damage. Later that night we went to dinner with Emily and her room mate to Cheesecake Factory then went in the hot tub..til we got kicked out. Lame. Saturday all we wanted to do was be at the beach. So we did. It was so fun! Until too many little kids came and we had to dodge the boogey boards in the ocean. Not cool. So we left and hung out at the pool at Emily's. Sunday we got up and went to the beach again. (We couldn't get enough of it) Then we had to hit the road back to Vegas. It was such a fun trip! At least I got to go somewhere this summer!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Last night my friend Chauntelle came into town and we always need an adventure when she comes so...my friend Grant invited us to go up the mountain to look for elk. Sounded like an adventure to us so we went. ha. He took us up to Cedar Breaks and Brian Head Point. I've never been there before so that was fun and way pretty! Oh and when we were at Brian Head Point we got a flat tire..somehow it got blamed on us cause we were "bad luck". haha. So after the sight seeing we went to look for elk. We just saw deer til the end of the night and it was dark they saw some elk. All i saw was eyes cause I'm blind I guess. He claims he sees a lot more when he comes..it must have been our bad luck. But I think the funniest part of the whole night was on the was home..Grant pulled out some mouth things and was making some animal calls..I think some of them were made up but it was hilarious!

Me and Chauntelle

Brain Head Point

Grant changing the tire

A deer with "mule like ears" haha

Monday, June 29, 2009

Flowers and such

For those of you that don't know, before I moved to Cedar I worked at a flower shop for 2 years. I loved every second of it. I started as customer service but worked my way up to a designer. That was probably the best job ever and I miss it like crazy! Well since then I haven't had the chance to get my hands on some flowers, I think there was one weekend I went home and helped with weddings at the shop. But this past weekend a girl I work with at the salon got married and I got to do her boquet!! I was so excited..and a little nervous cause it had been so long, what if I lost my touch! But I didn't haha. I loved the way it turned out!! But it made me miss the flowers business a lot.

The Final Product!


I made a quilt! Yes, me. Well kind of, I could have never done it without my Aunt Kim and Grandma (and my mom was the best supervisor ever). A few weeks ago my Aunt Kim to visit and she tied a few quilts and I got the bug. So she said she would help me. We all know my grandma has enough fabric for the german army so I raided her stash. ha. We had a good time tieing and visiting. Thanks Grams for the fabric and doing the edges for me. I love it!!

Here it is folks.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Footloose and Fishing

This last Thursday night me, my mom, Lindsey, my grandma, and my aunt Trisha made a trip down to St. George to go to Tuacahn to see Footloose. I haven't even seen the movie so I didn't know what to expect. But it was so good!! I highly recommend it. Before the play we went to dinner at Teaxs Roadhouse..YUM! We had such a good time with just the girls..and special thanks to Grandma for being a good sport..haha. We sure got a kick outof her that night!

Momma, Trisha, and Linds at dinner.

Me and Grams.

Pretty sure that drink was as big as her face.

All of us at dinner.

All of us at Tuachan

Then on Friday I went on my first fishing trip! Me, my parents, my grandpa and my dad's friend Gary went to Otter Creek. It ended up being pretty fun. First of all we left at 5:30 so I was not a happy camper but it's ok I got to nap on the way. We finally made it there and started "trolling", I like to sound fancy and make you think I know what I'm talking about. ha. That part was way boring. I thought if this is what it's going to be like all day just shoot me now. But luckily it wasn't. The handy dandy fish finder led us to what was supposed to be a good spot and we parked it. Gary and my grandpa caught one. Then all the sudden I felt a bite. Pretty sure everyone on the lake could hear me..I made quite the scene. I was freaking out cause I didn't know what to do. ha. After that I caught 3 more. Anyway, it turned out to be a pretty good trip!

Reeling it in!

Our spots. I don't think we moved from them. haha. Good spot to catch a few zzz's too.

My first fish!! I was too scared to hold it. ha.

Gary with his fish.

The Banana Boat. Oh yeah, be jealous!

The Captain.

Grandpa gutting the fish.

All the fish!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birhtday To Me!!!

So good thing it has been 47 years since I have blogged last. I'm sure you all are losing sleep at night because you don't know what is going on in the life of Jessika. Well here I am folks to fill you in so you can all sleep better at night. :) For those of you that didn't know, which I'm sure pretty much everyone did I kind of make a big deal about my birthday, last weekend I turned the big 20. That's right no longer a "teen". I like to make my mom feel old and keep reminding her that her baby is no longer a teenager. haha. Anywho, I went home for the weekend and of course started out the weekend at Austins (the BEST filet ever!) It's a tradition to go there for special occasions. Then Saturday me and my mom did a little shopping of course and that night me and Chauntelle went out. We went and got pedicures, went to a wedding reception, and went to the coolest resturaunt ever! It was called Cappos, this Italian Steahouse place. So if you're ever in Vegas..look it up! That was a fun night..thanks Chauntelle!! On Sunday I invited my best friend Hannah over and the Jones family. My dad made me one of my fav's, dutch oven chicken! So overall it was a pretty good weekend.
Me and Chauntelle

My Sis and Momma

Me and Hannah

My dad's latest "toy". I took it for a spin in the neighborhood, and had no idea what I was doing. ha. And dont mind the bed head, I just rolled out of bed. ha.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The BIG Cut!!!!!!!

Two blogs in one day? Oh man I think I might be over doing myself. But this is so blog worthy. Yesterday I get a text from my Uncle Shon asking me if I was cutting hair today. I said yes and asked why. He said he was ready for the big cut. Oh man I was so excited! So he came in today and brought a picture of himself from 10 years ago and said make me look like this again! haha. For some reason it is like Christmas when a hair dresser gets to cut off a ton of hair. It is to me at least. I love it! So thank you Shon for making my day and letting me blog about you. haha. And I think your haircut turned out very nice!

Before..This is the best picture I have..sorry.And After!!!! Doesn't even look like the same person!

All the hair..this picture doesn't even do justice of how much there really was!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Road Trip!!

The Crazy Arabian Castle
Chauntelle and the llama

Me and the llamas

What the random?

We could not figure out what the heck this was

Chauntelle's "poof" In white. ha

At this point we were wondering why we decided
to road trip north?

Yep..still wondering

If any of you know me, we all know that I have a weird
obsesion with coats..this picture doens't even do justice
of the backseat of the car. No they are not all mine..but
most of them were.

This past weekend (Valentine's Weekend) Me and my friend Chauntelle decided to take a road trip to northern Utah. Since it was single awareness weekend, we thought it would be a prefect time to go shopping and do fun girly things. We left Friday morning and stopped in Payson, where we stayed. (thank you aunt Kim for the bed :) Then we decided to start shopping so we headed up to Provo. Keep in mind we both had no idea where we were going so we just winged it the whole trip,which made it way more entertaining, and we found our way eventually. Then Friday night we had hot dates. Chauntelle was being set up with my cousin Corbin and I was being set up with his friend Braden. It was sooo fun! And not to mention Braden is probably the nicest guy I have ever met! Anyway Saturday rolls around and it seems like whenever we get together we always want to do so much but have so little time. So we have to make lists. ha. We were wanting to go to Salt Lake but the weather was bad so we didn't dare drive that far. So we went to this shopping place in Provo where this restaurant was that Chauntelle wanted to go to. When we got there, it was a 3 hour wait. Are you kidding me, 3 hours for food? No way jose. There was a movie theatre in the same shopping place so we decided to go to the movie to kill some time. We went and saw He's Just Not That Into You. Good movie! When we got out of the movie it was a blizzard! And we still had to walk all the way back to the car. We were covered in snow! It was ridiculous! Oh and we stopped at the restaurant after the movie and it was still another hour, so we bailed. We had been talking about getting pedicures so we were determined to find a place. In Vegas there is a nail place on every corner it seems like so we thought for sure we would find one easily. Not so much, we found one but it was too long of a wait so we decided to move on. We took a little detour on the way back to Payson in hopes of finding a nail place and oh boy..we were going through these little towns and next thing we know we see this castle thing. It looks like it came straight out of the movie Aladdin. We could not figure this thing out. We had to turn around and look at it again. It was so weird...and there were llamas in the front of it. What the random? Anyway..long story short we finally found a pedicure place and it was amazing. What's not to love about getting your feet rubbed while you relax? Then we headed home Sunday morning. I would say it was a good way to spend the single awareness weekend! :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My new found hobby

So call me a Grandma but my new hobby is.....knitting! haha. One day I went into the salon and my boss was wearing a way cute scarf and she said she made so..so I was like well freak I want to make one. She said she learned from a book..but I can't read something and comprehend it very good so I just made her teach me. haha. I had to restart the stupid think like 47572 times! I almost quit but I really wanted a scarf so I didn't. And it makes the days go by faster when I'm at the salon.ha. Not to mention there are a ton of mistakes in it but that's ok..I like to think that makes it original. Anyway..I finally finished it today and I'm so proud of it. I was modeling it all afternoon in the salon. hah.

I hate taking pictures of myself..but I had to model it for everyone to see.

The finished product!