Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The BIG Cut!!!!!!!

Two blogs in one day? Oh man I think I might be over doing myself. But this is so blog worthy. Yesterday I get a text from my Uncle Shon asking me if I was cutting hair today. I said yes and asked why. He said he was ready for the big cut. Oh man I was so excited! So he came in today and brought a picture of himself from 10 years ago and said make me look like this again! haha. For some reason it is like Christmas when a hair dresser gets to cut off a ton of hair. It is to me at least. I love it! So thank you Shon for making my day and letting me blog about you. haha. And I think your haircut turned out very nice!

Before..This is the best picture I have..sorry.And After!!!! Doesn't even look like the same person!

All the hair..this picture doesn't even do justice of how much there really was!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Road Trip!!

The Crazy Arabian Castle
Chauntelle and the llama

Me and the llamas

What the random?

We could not figure out what the heck this was

Chauntelle's "poof" In white. ha

At this point we were wondering why we decided
to road trip north?

Yep..still wondering

If any of you know me, we all know that I have a weird
obsesion with coats..this picture doens't even do justice
of the backseat of the car. No they are not all mine..but
most of them were.

This past weekend (Valentine's Weekend) Me and my friend Chauntelle decided to take a road trip to northern Utah. Since it was single awareness weekend, we thought it would be a prefect time to go shopping and do fun girly things. We left Friday morning and stopped in Payson, where we stayed. (thank you aunt Kim for the bed :) Then we decided to start shopping so we headed up to Provo. Keep in mind we both had no idea where we were going so we just winged it the whole trip,which made it way more entertaining, and we found our way eventually. Then Friday night we had hot dates. Chauntelle was being set up with my cousin Corbin and I was being set up with his friend Braden. It was sooo fun! And not to mention Braden is probably the nicest guy I have ever met! Anyway Saturday rolls around and it seems like whenever we get together we always want to do so much but have so little time. So we have to make lists. ha. We were wanting to go to Salt Lake but the weather was bad so we didn't dare drive that far. So we went to this shopping place in Provo where this restaurant was that Chauntelle wanted to go to. When we got there, it was a 3 hour wait. Are you kidding me, 3 hours for food? No way jose. There was a movie theatre in the same shopping place so we decided to go to the movie to kill some time. We went and saw He's Just Not That Into You. Good movie! When we got out of the movie it was a blizzard! And we still had to walk all the way back to the car. We were covered in snow! It was ridiculous! Oh and we stopped at the restaurant after the movie and it was still another hour, so we bailed. We had been talking about getting pedicures so we were determined to find a place. In Vegas there is a nail place on every corner it seems like so we thought for sure we would find one easily. Not so much, we found one but it was too long of a wait so we decided to move on. We took a little detour on the way back to Payson in hopes of finding a nail place and oh boy..we were going through these little towns and next thing we know we see this castle thing. It looks like it came straight out of the movie Aladdin. We could not figure this thing out. We had to turn around and look at it again. It was so weird...and there were llamas in the front of it. What the random? Anyway..long story short we finally found a pedicure place and it was amazing. What's not to love about getting your feet rubbed while you relax? Then we headed home Sunday morning. I would say it was a good way to spend the single awareness weekend! :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My new found hobby

So call me a Grandma but my new hobby is.....knitting! haha. One day I went into the salon and my boss was wearing a way cute scarf and she said she made I was like well freak I want to make one. She said she learned from a book..but I can't read something and comprehend it very good so I just made her teach me. haha. I had to restart the stupid think like 47572 times! I almost quit but I really wanted a scarf so I didn't. And it makes the days go by faster when I'm at the salon.ha. Not to mention there are a ton of mistakes in it but that's ok..I like to think that makes it original. Anyway..I finally finished it today and I'm so proud of it. I was modeling it all afternoon in the salon. hah.

I hate taking pictures of myself..but I had to model it for everyone to see.

The finished product!