Saturday, July 11, 2009


Last night my friend Chauntelle came into town and we always need an adventure when she comes friend Grant invited us to go up the mountain to look for elk. Sounded like an adventure to us so we went. ha. He took us up to Cedar Breaks and Brian Head Point. I've never been there before so that was fun and way pretty! Oh and when we were at Brian Head Point we got a flat tire..somehow it got blamed on us cause we were "bad luck". haha. So after the sight seeing we went to look for elk. We just saw deer til the end of the night and it was dark they saw some elk. All i saw was eyes cause I'm blind I guess. He claims he sees a lot more when he must have been our bad luck. But I think the funniest part of the whole night was on the was home..Grant pulled out some mouth things and was making some animal calls..I think some of them were made up but it was hilarious!

Me and Chauntelle

Brain Head Point

Grant changing the tire

A deer with "mule like ears" haha


Claudine said...

Sounds like a great Pee Wee Adventure to me. GOt a new blog page too? WOW!!

Rex and Paula said...

Sounds like fun...oh and they will always try to blame it on you when things go wrong. haha

The Wilsons said...

Hey Jess! How the heck are you! I am doing GREAT. Loving WA. Its beautiful and sunny and green. Tell everyone hi for me!

Robyn said...

Glad you're actually having some fun up there!!!!

brightonislove said...

hey i just found your blog through mikaylas! i havent talked to you in forever!!

and i like your blog background :) i have the same one!